Monday, January 13, 2014

Luxe List: A Wishlist to Make One Weep

The older I get, the more I have little patience for "fast" fashion and poorly made pieces.  I find myself saving and eventually splurging more than a steady stream of lower-end buying.  Instead of making meh resolutions for 2014, I thought I'd focus on some aspirational pieces that make me smile.

Luxe List

John Fluevog Knee High Angels - I once tried on a pair of Angels and the cushy comfort has never left my mind.  I prefer 14-20 eye boots and they've only carried shorty's since I've been looking...until now.
Skingraft Buckled Bag - I'm CONSTANTLY looking for an incredibly cool black leather bag and this Skingraft number is amazing.
Rachel Pally Isa Dress - I actually have this dress in a forest green color that I nabbed on sale one year...DYING for a black one!
Isolde Roth Tunic - This cut is everything I dream of and more!
Ovate Cape with Fur Collar - I just want to be an evil ice queen, OK?
Seven Sacred Planets Pins - These are so beautiful that I would carry them/wear them wherever I went.
Bloodmilk Seance Cuff + Hecatate's Diadem Necklace - I have 1 bloodmilk piece and it only created a strong lust deep inside.  This cuff is a great measurement for a plus size bangle and I LOVE the moonstone of the necklace.

Want to see more of my High-End wishes? Check out my ever expanding Wishlist - High End board on Pinterest!


  1. I adore Bloodmilk's jewelry! I'm insanely jealous of a friend who showers her partner in gifts, quite a few of them are by bloodmilk. (I have my eye on the swan song ring in rose gold...swoon!) but I am also super in love with the pins, I actually had them on my x-mas list this year.

    This is just generally a really great collection of things I love!!


  2. my fav is Rachel Pally Isa Dress ... amazing style...