Tuesday, September 16, 2014

6 Obsessions: Black Cat Eye Sunglasses

As the seasons start to change (or are supposed to...it's still 100 degrees here in LA), I always like to cultivate some points of focus for my wardrobe.  This week, I will be posting 6 of them total.  This post features Black Cat Eye Sunglasses, a must have in Sunny So-Cal year 'round.

Black Cat Eyes with a Twist

Black Cat Eyes with a Twist by pinkbot featuring clear acetate glasses

I'm most obsessed with the matte black pair in the bottom right corner by Dusen Dusen, available at Bonadrag.  PERFECTION!

6 Obsessions: Black Lace

As the seasons start to change (or are supposed to...it's still 100 degrees here in LA), I always like to cultivate some points of focus for my wardrobe.  This week I will be posting 6 of them total, starting with today's: Black Lace. 
Black Lace Looks

Black Lace Looks by pinkbot featuring a black lace kimono

Black Lace - This is a goth staple, but for Fall I like elegant hints of it, rather than draping head to toe.  How amazing is this bra from Lane Bryant?
I need it like YESTERDAY.   To get the rest of the details of the look, click on the polyvore image for full shopping details!

Monday, September 15, 2014


This past weekend, the family and I headed to the Santa Anita racetrack to check out the 626 night market, an Asian-themed night market and food festival.  It was SUPER crowded and quite large, so we only checked out about 20% of the offerings, but it was super fun.  Being 100 degrees, I needed an outfit that was comfortable and cool.  I reached for my new birthday Converse (black LEATHER!) and Babooshka kaftan.  Before we left, we snapped some shots.

Outfit Details: 

Mesh Dress: Babooshka
Under Dress + Rings: ASOS
Necklace: Cheap Monday
Sunglasses: Domino Dollhouse
Shoes: Eastbay

We also took some yummy snap shots of our food scores + Remy enjoying her self. 


We are quite lucky that we've been able to get out, even with an infant, and this event was entertaining. There's another one in Orange County in October. Check out their site for dates. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

+ Size Models at NYFW

Two of my favorite designers, Zana Bayne and Chromat, featured plus size models at this past week's New York Fashion Week.  I wore a Chromat mask for Halloween '13 and am SO EXCITED about the possibility of wearing some of their structural pieces on my body (you can currently buy custom up to a size 20).  No word yet if they are expanding their sizes further than that, but Zana Bayne, on the other hand, has always welcomed bodies of all sizes.  Her expansive collection of leather harnesses and gear have been available in custom sizing since she created her line years ago. Let's hope that other designers follow suit.  As always, I encourage us to put our money where our mouth is and show these two designers our support by opening our wallets.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Army of Me

This past week I turned 33 years old and the fam went out to a casual dinner during the week. I wanted to take my top out for a spin, as it was a present from my husband.  I also haven't worn fitted jean/pants in FOREVER so it still feels strange to see, but I love these waxy stretch denim styles and am happy to find a pair that works.  Remy wasn't used to the lipstick and kept trying to grab it!  Luckily, the Hourglass lipstick in Icon didn't budge.  Onto the pics/deets!

Top: Navabi
Waxy Black Denim Jeans: Simply Be
Hair Stick: Etsy

Here are some images of my delicious birthday dinner from Slater's 50/50.  Drink is a Dark 'N Stormy, Veggie burger with onion rings and garlic cheese dip, and a coconut cookie ice cream extravaganza.  It was awesome to have a little one to celebrate with and I cannot wait until she can have some cake with me.

Friday, August 1, 2014


Last night we headed out to a movie, as a family, for the first time.  A theater by Disneyland offers 1 showing a week that is baby friendly, complete with extra lighting and changing tables!  So we headed out in the 100 degree heat to check out the movie Lucy with Remy.  Here is my outfit, compiled of my current favorite summer duds.

Outfit Details:
Dress - Babooshka
Bralette - Lane Bryant
Sandals - Circus by Sam Edelman
Sunglasses - Wonderland LA

Remy also wanted to show off her tough girl nose scratch (from wrestling her stuffed elephant with a bit too much vigor) and brand new cat ear headband!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Chubble Mama

It's about time for an update. I had my daughter, Remy Violet, on April 11th, 2014.  It's been a whirlwind of family, juggling work, and figuring out how to take care of a baby!  She does have an Instagram (chubblebaby) and a Tumblr, for those who are baby inclined. 

Here she is in her hospital photos:

And these were taken yesterday, at 7 weeks old.

And my other baby, Domino Dollhouse, released a new collection in the last few weeks and it's my favorite so far! Check out the Pagan Poetry Collection.

Thursday, April 3, 2014


I was recently asked to review a product from ONecklace and once I saw this ring, I knew that I need to know all about it!  I'd been seeing dainty rings all over the place, but this sterling silver piece has an added bonus the others don't: it comes in fitted sizes 1-16!!  Plus size rings that aren't adjustable are next to impossible, so I had to give this one a whirl.  It's delicate but bold and fits like a dream…here are some snap shots!

 photo trianglering_zps82df7bf7.jpg
 photo trianglering2_zps5701c8d6.jpg

All of their rings styles have the same size range and come in gorgeous sterling silver.

In addition, they also offer nameplate necklaces ala the Carrie Necklace, but my favorites are their "Crop Circle Collection" seen below.

 photo cropcircles_zps2bfdf86a.jpg

The necklaces can also be made with custom chain lengths for different bodies which is wonderful!  I also like the idea of making the custom rings/necklaces with sassy words or fat posi sayings…the skies the limit!  Shipping is free worldwide and quite swift.  Check out ONecklace and get creative.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Mint and Lolly

My blogging has been sparse as I count down the days 'til my due date (just approx 31 left!) but when Mint and Lolly offered to send me some jewelry to try out OF COURSE I was in!  Jewelry, necklaces in particular, are my go-to way to make an outfit pop.  They sent me the rad Gray Ulti-Mint Necklace, which is exactly the kind of accessory I like: BIG AND OVER THE TOP!

It arrived in a lovely package and smelled of delicious candy; something I consider a perk, but should be noted for those who are allergic or senstive to scents/perfumes.  The necklace was well packaged and protected from any damage.  I paired it with a basic black dress from ASOS to let it sing.

 photo mintlolly2_zps9639977c.jpg
 photo mintlolly3_zpsa0e9f57f.jpg

It's a lightweight piece that has TONS of impact.  I suggest checking out Mint and Lolly's other offering here, as they have a great variety for lots of different aesthetics, in addition to wonderful service!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Luxe List: A Wishlist to Make One Weep

The older I get, the more I have little patience for "fast" fashion and poorly made pieces.  I find myself saving and eventually splurging more than a steady stream of lower-end buying.  Instead of making meh resolutions for 2014, I thought I'd focus on some aspirational pieces that make me smile.

Luxe List

John Fluevog Knee High Angels - I once tried on a pair of Angels and the cushy comfort has never left my mind.  I prefer 14-20 eye boots and they've only carried shorty's since I've been looking...until now.
Skingraft Buckled Bag - I'm CONSTANTLY looking for an incredibly cool black leather bag and this Skingraft number is amazing.
Rachel Pally Isa Dress - I actually have this dress in a forest green color that I nabbed on sale one year...DYING for a black one!
Isolde Roth Tunic - This cut is everything I dream of and more!
Ovate Cape with Fur Collar - I just want to be an evil ice queen, OK?
Seven Sacred Planets Pins - These are so beautiful that I would carry them/wear them wherever I went.
Bloodmilk Seance Cuff + Hecatate's Diadem Necklace - I have 1 bloodmilk piece and it only created a strong lust deep inside.  This cuff is a great measurement for a plus size bangle and I LOVE the moonstone of the necklace.

Want to see more of my High-End wishes? Check out my ever expanding Wishlist - High End board on Pinterest!