Monday, March 10, 2014

Mint and Lolly

My blogging has been sparse as I count down the days 'til my due date (just approx 31 left!) but when Mint and Lolly offered to send me some jewelry to try out OF COURSE I was in!  Jewelry, necklaces in particular, are my go-to way to make an outfit pop.  They sent me the rad Gray Ulti-Mint Necklace, which is exactly the kind of accessory I like: BIG AND OVER THE TOP!

It arrived in a lovely package and smelled of delicious candy; something I consider a perk, but should be noted for those who are allergic or senstive to scents/perfumes.  The necklace was well packaged and protected from any damage.  I paired it with a basic black dress from ASOS to let it sing.

 photo mintlolly2_zps9639977c.jpg
 photo mintlolly3_zpsa0e9f57f.jpg

It's a lightweight piece that has TONS of impact.  I suggest checking out Mint and Lolly's other offering here, as they have a great variety for lots of different aesthetics, in addition to wonderful service!