Thursday, August 16, 2012

Video Inspiration Playlist

Hi Chubblettes!  These last few months have been somewhat of a crazy mixture of life changes and Domino Dollhouse madness that I'm STILL unable to completely share with the world.  I promise that as soon as I can divulge the details, I will.  Regardless, I've felt completely detached from my regular life and style, that I really need to focus back getting myself centered.  Part of getting back to normal is designing my next Domino Dollhouse collection and one of my favorite ways to get inspired is through music.  Here is a collection of visually inspiring music videos that I've been watching to help get those creative forces boiling.  Yes, I know that some of these are not new AND beware: not always safe for work.  What are your favorite ways to get inspired?  Any music videos I SHOULD be watching?


  1. Cool. I don't know a lot of these! thanks for the tip, gotta go dance in my room now!


  2. the videos are great

    G-Dragon & Top - Knock Out

    jan delay - oh jonny

    miss platnum - give me the food

    christina aguilera - candy man