Monday, January 30, 2012

2012 Goals

It's about that time! I know it might seem like an odd thing to do almost a month into the new year, but it's been a busy 2012 so far. These are a mixture of personal items and business items, but that is my life right now!

- Release a new Domino Dollhouse collection every other month (6 in 1 year)
I'm really hoping to keep filling the shop with new and interesting items to keep things fresh and exciting. I love designing new collection but so far the process has been a little challenging, to say the least. Hopefully I will have the beginning to end process a bit more under control and I can keep the schedule up. My Spring line will come out towards the end of February and the lingerie one just launched last week.

- Learn to french braid my own hair
I recently shaved the right side of my head and it will be SO much more versatile if I can do this. Never too late to learn!

- Have zero brown colored walls in our home
Every room in our house had the SAME light brown walls when we purchased it in 2010. We've painted over most of them at this point, but there are a few that still need to be morphed into something more inspiring to me.

- Do at least 1 trunk show with Domino Dollhouse
I have yet to do any event in California where dolls can come and try on the clothing and hang out, so I really want to make this happen!

- Create a closet set up that focuses on current style
When I first set up my closet room, it seemed very straight forward to divide everything into specific types (tops/jackets in closet, dresses on a rack, skirts in a dresser), but I think it'd be better to put all of my current favorites of all types on one rolling rack and remix those. How do you organize your closet for optimum ease?

- Become 100% Credit Card Debt FREE
I recently spoke about a huge life change that would be impacting me and my husband. Well, he was laid off late last year and has already found a new job in his desired games! Not to get into too many personal details, this goal is a possible reality for the first time since I was 22. Hugely exciting, if you ask me!

- Wear a body con dress + OOTD it
Although I have a huge interest in body acceptance, as with most people, I have a ways to go to acheive full self love. If you'd noticed, I do NOT wear anything clingy in my belly area. This year, I hope to break out of my comfort zone at least once and see how it feels. I got a great ASOS dress for Xmas and I think it'd be a perfect place to start.

- Buy for design + quality, not fast fashion
This is pretty self explanatory, but also I want to note that this will mean buying with smaller brands and companies and avoiding cheaply made corporation spending. I aim to get a really great black leather bag that I can get endless use from as my first application of this principal.

- Learn to make 2 kinds of soup
As the worlds pickiest vegetarian, I tend to get in a rut as far as home cooking. I love a good soup, but have NO clue how to make a decent one. Time to start experimenting!

What are your focuses in 2012?


  1. I have to say it is a relief to read someones new years resolutions that don't talk about weight loss, I understand if people want be healthy but I hate the constant weight loss talk, it is so dull. I also hope to learn to french braid my hair, I cannot manage it for some reason, I even tried it on my boyfriends hair (who has long hair) and I just couldn't do it! Grr.

    I wore a pair of Domino Dollhouse sunglasses today and I heart them so much.


  2. It is quite dull! To each their own, but it's not on my mind right now, for sure. I keep luck yet! But I have about 11 months left =) That's so awesome to hear! Did you snap any pics??

    1. I didn't snap any pictures in my pink DD glasses but I'm going to Florida and bringing them with and will definitely try my hardest to take pictures in them.


  3. best of luck on your goals tracy! everytime i reach one of mine, i'll be adding more of DD stuff to my collection, so new stuff is gonna rock!

    come to NYC soon, I'd love to meet you one day :D

    K xx

  4. I'm a little late to this post, but if you're still looking for a fantastic soup recipe (and you're a fan of garlic), check this out: :-)