Tuesday, October 4, 2011

OOTD: Starting off October

It's been quite a while since I put an OOTD, mostly because I apparently have a terrible time remembering to take photos until my make up is running off and I've removed my shoes. I made an effort to remember this Saturday and voila: photos! This outfit contains some of my favorite new pieces and I hope you enjoy.

OOTD: October!
OOTD: October!OOTD: October!

Outfit Details:
Top: Complex Geometries (poncho, modified)
Belt: Torrid
Leggings + Jacket: Evans
Shoes: Nordstrom
Necklace: Pamela Love for True Blood
Earrings: Refined Rebel
Black + Spikey Ring: Forever 21
Claw Ring: Domino Dollhouse


  1. love the top! its adorable this outfit looks really cute, all black love it :) love the belt aswell.


  2. Thanks, A_Riot! This poncho is magical!

    Tiffany - awww, coming from you beautiful! I miss you, love!!

  3. I am in love with the draping of that time... so lovely

  4. Crystal - they are soooo awesome! The etsy seller will make some even if they aren't up in her site, btw.

    Lala - me too! It's super versatile and can be draped a bunch of different ways!

  5. Fabulous outfit! Where did you get your hands on the Pamela Love TB necklace? I have been searching for one :)


  6. Adrienne - it's on sale at HBO.com of all places!! The cheapest PL you'll ever find, promise!

  7. I love it, especially love the leggings. You are really pulling off that red lipstick too!


  8. Thanks, Elle! I love Evans leggings...so stretchy and comfy!

  9. The necklace is sold out :( waaahhh whine....:)

  10. Nat + Ruby = THANK YOU!

    Adrienne - waaaaaaaaaah!! I'm so sorry =( It'd been up for a while on sale...I'm seriously wondering if I nabbed the last one. LAME!