Friday, September 30, 2011

Linklettes + Chubblette Travel Help

Obligatory Apology: travel mixed with steady business at Domino Dollhouse has kept Chubble Bubble from being updated. The other sad thing: I've worn some cute outfits and NOT ONCE in the last month snapped a photo. I'm very sorry for the neglect and hope to remedy it this month. Until then, here's some treats from around the web!

- This amazing Illan Riviere belly dance performance (via Coilhouse)

- Re/Dress is closing their Brooklyn Location
This makes me extraordinarily sad. It is such an amazing space with an amazing vibe, but I wish Deb and the girls the best of luck in the future. I hope to make it to the INDIE+ event for the last party!

- Definatalie made adorable "Pastry Queen" Shirts

- Clare Maguire - "The Shield and the Sword"

My husband and I are also taking a west coast trip in a few weeks and I'd LOVE some suggestions of what to do in the following cities: Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco. We are both city kitties and not too into nature stuff. So let me have it: fabulous shops, eats, sites, whatever! Thanks in advance =)


  1. Ooh Seattle!!! Depending on the kind of food you like, there is an awesome Thai place in West Seattle, called Buddha Ruksa. Also, you can try Mashiko's for sushi, expensive but oh so yummy!

    Seven Pepper Star in the International District has an awesome hot pot.

    Huh, I seem to only be giving you food options...Pioneer Square in the downtown Seattle area has some really cute shops. Not so great for clothing, but accessories and shoes and such.

    You can of course do the major touristy stuff, like the Space Needle and the Pike Place Market, but they are usually too crowded and not really worth it, in my opinion.

    If I can think of anything else I'll let you know!

  2. whoah awesome belly dancer! i belly dance too hope to be that good one day. sounds like fun all those cities on the west coast! have fun!


  3. I'm so sad to hear that Re/Dress in NYC is closing, I was just in NYC last week and I really wanted to go but couldn't talk my family into taking the subway there :( Now I will never get to go, so sad. I can't help but wonder, why do so many plus sized stores seem to have a hard time staying open? I know there are plenty of consumers so what is the problem? Urghs.

    "City Kitty" haha that is a cute saying, I'm much more a city kitty myself. I hope you have fun on your trip and I really look forward to you sharing pictures from your trip. I live on the east coast and the farthest West I've been is Texas.

  4. Rubes - thanks so much for the info!! <3

    A - I would LOVE to Belly's so fascinating. Thanks for the well wishes!

    Elle - It's super sad. I think physical stores in general have a hard time staying open. I too am super surprised, as SO MANY people love it. This is more proof that it's SUPER important to spend money at your favorite shops to make sure they survive vs. whatever shop is easiest. I will definitely do my best to snap images =)

  5. I agree, it is hard for anything to stay in business (especially in this economy, ho hum). I'm really bummed out and hope against all hope that perhaps I'll get to take a day trip and check Re/Dress out before it closes. I agree, if you love a shop, spend your money at it, we must help the lovely suppliers survive. I will look forward to the images!

  6. I'm super excited that Redress will be coming to the Bay Area!!

    Lolita Fatshion

  7. Crystal - but I'm not sure it will be a store again...? Just online, is my understanding.