Friday, October 7, 2011


- Lovenati's Etsy Shop
Check out this AMAZING plus size vintage Etsy shop by Ninja Betty and the Nunchix's Lovenati! Not only is she an amazing musician but she's a body positive, sexy, fierce lady! I always say to spend your money at places that care about you and your body, and this is exactly the kind of shop that does that.

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- Andrej Pejic's interview on ABC News
The interviewer is dense and insensitive, but his quips and magical-ness make up for all of that.

- The Berry Beautiful Dress is now back in stock!
My best selling design is now back in stock in all sizes, just in time for Halloween!

- Kickstarter for "The Punk Singer", A Documentary about Kathleen Hanna
This project looks so amazing. Kathleen Hanna and Bikini Kill were, for me, a bridge into feminism, body politics, and so much more when I was in high school. Although this project is already funded, any additional money helps get it out there to the world, so continue to donate! I know I will.

Jessica Needs Your <3
- A Big Fat Request for Love and Donations for Jessica (Tangled Up in Lace)

Jessica is moving far away from me (wahhhhh), but towards something amazing! Her job has done some funky things to her and she desperately needs some donations to travel to her destination safely. Any money/help/support is appreciated!!


  1. oh wow that etzy shop is adorable, i love it! and I am such a fan of andrej pejic he is awesome that intervie just confirmed it even more, he played it so well and mature. also I freaking LOVE bikini kill! they where just as big of a influence on my high school life. such an amazing band glad to see that there is a documentary, will look out for it!


  2. You mean so much to me and I can't wait for us to take over the world together!!! xoxoxox