Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sanrio B-day Party!

Domino Dollhouse model, Tess Munster had a birthday party a few weeks ago that was my dream come true: Sanrio themed!! Many participated in the costume theme, some chose other fabulous ways to celebrate, but all had BIG fun. I did a spin on Kuromi (the goth-est of all the Sanrio world, of course), but sadly failed to get any full length images. Here are some party shots, taken at Tiki Ti (coconut cocktails!) and the Bigfoot Lodge, both in LA.

Tess's B-day: CREW
My hubby + I with the Birthday Girl (yes, she is wearing my Birthday Bash dress from Domino Dollhouse!)

Tess's B-day: Fabulous Dames
Natalie, Joy, and Tess with their S'More cocktails. These ladies were truly wonderful and I'm really, really happy I met them.

Tess's B-day: My wife is <3
My wife and I, giving good face.

Tess's B-day: Group Shot
And lastly...GROUP SHOT!

To see the full set, check out my Flickr.


  1. Such a cute idea for a birthday party, I love the little hello kitty party hats haha. I have to say, in the first and second pictures, such great cheekbones representin' hur' - odd compliment but a true one.

  2. this is the most awesome party theme idea ever!! I may have to steal it.

  3.'s a magical party idea! Do it and send me photos, ladies!!