Friday, July 22, 2011


- Photos from NOLOSE
Above is the AMAZING Nomy Lamm (a huge influence on teenage me) and Jukie Sunshine at the NOLOSE conference

Shannon & The Clams - "Done With You" from Echolocale on Vimeo.
- Shannon and the Clams "Done with You"
Back to back weeks of S and the Cs? They're just THAT good.

- Teer giving SERIOUS Pam Realness
Teer models this fabulous City Chic jacket. Her look is inspired by Pam from True still my heart! I want to WEEP that this is out of stock in my size...*wah wah wah*

- Beth Ditto Performs Vogue
AMAZING. I'm speechless.

- Dirty Cupcakes - "I Want It (Your Love)"
SOOO cute! Thanks for sharing it, Jessica!

- Marfmellow Domino Dollhouse Review
Marfmellow does an AMAZING job of reviewing items from my shop...and oh yes: IT'S TUMMY SUMMER!


  1. DITTO, my mermaid friend. You are the only sea creature for meeeeeeeeeee!

  2. Omg the Dirty Cupcakes video is so fucking hot. *_*