Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Burlesque Bingo

Burlesque Bingo: the Board!

If you haven't heard of Burlesque Bingo, it's pretty genius. Burlesque performers shimmy and strip on a large board full of numbers...where their clothing lands is what numbers get called! My wife was asked to perform her candy number and without hesitation, I was there to support her! The evening featured overly pushy drunk audience members, belly dance and go-go interludes, mai tais, crystals, and so much more magic.

But's what I wore to the event!

OOTD: Burlesque BingoOOTD: Burlesque Bingo
OOTD: Burlesque Bingo

Ouffit Details:
Skirt and Heart Rings: Domino Dollhouse (these rings are INSANELY CUTE...they come in Mint Green too)
Top: City Chic
Hat: Hot Topic
Button: Patricia Field for Barbie
Knee Socks: Sock Man, NYC
Shoes: Target
Necklace: Harajuku Lovers
Cardigan: Nordstrom rack

Burlesque Bingo: Tiffany and me
I had such a great time hanging out with the amazing Tiffany of On the Fatwalk! She's incredibly fun and ridiculous...2 of my favorite qualities! She has an OOTD of this event on her blog too.

And here are some other snaps from the evening. To get a better look, just click on any photo in the post to be whisked away to my Flickr!

Burlesque Bingo: Joe lookin' cosmicBurlesque Bingo: I WONBurlesque Bingo: Ama, me, and FrankieBurlesque Bingo: the Fabulous Performers

And for those wondering...I did get to shout out BINGO!


  1. Gorgeous! LOVE your hair colour. And those rings are beautiful. So cute.

    And what a fun idea. Haha. Burlesque Bingo. Nice.

  2. I love the idea of burlesque bingo, wish we had events like that here in DC. I know every single time you post I gush over your clothes but I'm gonna do it again cuz I'm super kewl like that - I love the pink and the stripes such a cute combination. Love your eye makeup too and of course, as always, your hair is so purdy.

  3. Thanks Melissa!

    Elle - awww, thanks! That is a good like about being in Southern shortage of fun stuff to do! <3

  4. so cool! I have yet to see a Burlesque show. The scene is not that big in vienna but there are some upcoming shows. but nothing as cool as burlesque bingo!! You looked absolutely stunning btw! love your outfit. Looks like you had a fun night.
    hope you have a fun weekend too!

  5. Ms Riot - Start your own!! Hahaha. But seriously: thank you, doll!

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