Friday, April 29, 2011

Linklettes: Let's Get Personal

This week, most of the linklettes are either from my friends/family or my life. So...without further adieu, it's link time!

- My Newest Tumblr: BONE-r Jams
I made this as a reaction to the limited resources of sexy materials designed for, well, me. If you like men in leather gloves, vintage uniforms, amazing women, and hot gay action, you might enjoy it too!

- Housa Da Skreeks Debut
My best friend has a rap group...and here is their debut performance! Don't watch if you are bothered by strong homo themes or dirty talk. Um, and if you are, WHY ARE YOU ON MY BLOG? Hahaha...

Pink Addict Liquidation Sale
- So, yes: I've been cheating on my pink shop with my plus size shop. It's becoming more of a reality that I cannot juggle both on my lonesome, so I'm liquidating Pink Addict's stock. Everything is marked CRAZY low, with many things starting at just 99 cents. My addicts have already blown through a lot of stock, but there are still TONS of cute things left. All the money is going right back into making Domino Dollhouse the best plus size shop it can it's kinda like supporting the fatshion industry while getting cute stuff....right?

Jessica's Beach Bash
- Oh yes. I will be attending with my best friend who just happens to be visiting from NYC (see above...the Skreeks video)

- 12 Shades of Fierce
My sister started a blog and it's as entertainingly ridiculous as she is.

And two non-personal links...they are too fabulous to wait another week:

- These Amazing Docs come out this Fall
FREAKIN' amazing. You know I love a good doc, but add a patent bow and my heart is a'swooning!!

- Beth Ditto + Duran Duran + David Lynch
*mouth open*


  1. Boner Jams, haha thats great. "So this isn't your, Boner Jams 4?", I might be slightly off on that one.

    I love the first picture, I was sad when Michael Fassbenders character died in that movie.

  2. Hahaha...right? Also...I'm a lil' in love with Fassy!

  3. Great Tumblr, absolutly my taste ;P
    But I am nor really, really angry that the youtube video isn't available in my country.ggrrr...

  4. Katrin - the Beth Ditto one? Really? BOOOOO!!!!

  5. This ENTIRE post is TOO good for words!

  6. Awww, thanks, darling! I'm so glad others love too =)

  7. Oh my god- those Doc Martens! I NEED those! I'm so glad you posted a link to them- I discover so many great things through this blog. :)

  8. Panda - they are soooo good! I'm glad to be of service...the world needs to know! Hahaha...