Wednesday, March 23, 2011

OOTD: Ramen Girl

This past Saturday, despite an increasing toothache (I need 3 root canals, which are happening this week...lucky me), my husband and I headed down to Little Tokyo to meet our friends Natasha and Vaclav for a dinner of delicious ramen. On the side of an adorable Kawaii boutique, Q Pop Shop, was this mural that was begging for an OOTD shoot!

OOTD: Ramen Girl
OOTD: Ramen GirlMural in Little Tokyo

Outfit Details:
Bra and Jacket: Evans
Shredded Top: Target DIYed by Moi
Necklace and Black Rings, Top Skirt: Forever 21
Turquoise Ring: Estate Sale (gift)
Earrings: Claire's
Under Skirt: Hippie Store in OH
Mary-Jane Flats: Nordstrom
Open Cardigan and Ear Cuff: Black Peace Now (via New People in San Francisco)

I know this outfit is comprised of mostly old favorites, but I figured the fabulous backdrop made up for it!

The Love of My Life

We finished off the evening with the love of my life: Pinkberry's green tea yogurt, stuffed with raspberries and kiwi. My teeth cried out at the cold, but my belly sang with delight.

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  1. You looks gorgeous. I love the murreal behind, it does seem like it was begging for your OOTD lol. Glad to hear that you had a fun evening with ramen ... Hungry now...thanks! :D

    OH! also I chose you as one of my 7 Versatile Bloggers on my post today! Because i love your stlye :)