Friday, March 25, 2011


This week has been challenging over here at casa de Bubble. Little sleep due to 2 teeth desperately in need of root canals hasn't lead to the most creative thoughts, but hopefully this week's linklettes do not disappoint!

- Pre-Order Your FAT Necklace from Definatalie!

- PS. I Made This Spikes a Trench
Those spikes are made with spray painted CHOPSTICKS. This money saving spike adornment has got my mind on over drive.

MUSIC VIDEO: This Can't End Well "I'll Let You Watch" from Chad Michael Ward on Vimeo.

- This Can't End Well's "I'll Let You Watch"

- Daphne Guinness's Absurd Shoes
Absurd is a good thing.

- YFF's Closet Series: Danielle of Stylista
This is such a fun series and I'm totally interested in sharing my own closet!

- Big Girl Barbie Tumblr
I run a tumblr that features the creme de la creme of big girl fashionistas (in my opinion) and I just figured how to accept submissions/questions. My chubblettes are some of the fiercest and I'd love to get some gorgeous pictures to include!


  1. Love that FAT necklace! And those shoes totally remind me of Gene Simmon's dragon shoes. BADASS!

    Mounds of Joy

  2. Me too! And I can't resist a crazy shoe =)