Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Own Personal Ying Yang Twins

As I get older and start to dissect my style, I start to realize that my style may have a split personality disorder. Half of me is a pink, glittery Barbie, desiring to be all ponytails, floral prints, and cat-eye liner. The other half is a dark maven aching to be shrouded in dark mesh, leather and metal. These ladies are two strong mamacitas and one of them always wins...but you can never tell who will come out on top. I covered my spring inspiration for the "good witch" of my split in my Big Girl Barbie profile, but now it's time for Spring/Summer inspiration for the "wicked witch". Click on the Polyvore images below to get shopping details for these items.

Style Details: Black + Gunmetal Grays, Sheers, Flowy Sillhoutes, Lace Bras, High Waisted Leggings, Combat Boots, Accessories Overload, Smudged Eyeliner, Metallic Nails, Leather Accents, Dark Berry Lips


Accessories/Make Up:


  1. I'm like that too, I often blame it on being a Gemini!

  2. I'm a Leo, so I have no excuse =/

  3. I am completely the same way! Some days I feel more inclined to the girly side and other days to the dark side, but typically, I have a little mix of both.