Friday, March 11, 2011


This week has been an odd mix of overly busy and bored to tears waiting...which makes for a confused sleep schedule and sore muscles. It also means inspiration is either FULL ON KICKING or in zilchland. Right now I'm feeling the later. Here are the few links I can muster up on behalf of this Friday's Linklettes post...I'm sorry, chubblettes. I promise to do better next time =)

- Die Antwoord's Video for Rich Bitch

- Damn You Alexis for City Chic

- Mugler Special in Vogue Hommes Japan
UNF. Boner James '11! My husband sooooooo needs those pants...

- Margiela's rings in their Fall '11 Collection
I mean, really? Are these not a DREAM COME TRUE!!!! (via Is Mental)

- Paley Fest '11 True Blood Cat Interviews (Season 4 Tidbits)
I'm excited for season 4, because it coincides with my favorite book of the Sookie Stackhouse series. Also: I ALWAYS forget that Jason Stackhouse is really's so much cuter than his Louisiana hick accent. Oh haven't you heard? I'm a giant nerd.


  1. I can't wait for True Blood, it has been too long. I'm sick of waiting, gahh!

  2. Ugh, right?? I wish they'd keep the actors chained up and make them shoot all year long =) But that's just me...;)

  3. I CANT forget that Ryan Kwantan (Jason Stackhouse) is Australian! I grew up watching Home & Away with my parents & he was in it for many many years. Whenever I see him, my head automatically thinks "Vinnie!!" (His character from Home&Away).

  4. Natalie - hahaha, that's funny! He's good at the Louisiana accent, though!

    Stephanie - Riiiiiiiiiiight????