Friday, February 18, 2011


Time for a fresh, new segment on Chubble Bubble: LINKLETTES! Okay, it's not an idea that reinvents the wheel. But, I've been trying to tap into more creative energies now that I am solely responsible for designing pieces for Domino Dollhouse. After an invigorating chat with my gal Frankie, I definitely wanted to follow suite with her blog and create weekly posts cultivating things that week that have tickled my fancy. I'm hoping that this will serve as a spark to my creative juices whenever I'm feeling stumped...and I sincerely hope that it entertains my chubblettes in the process!

- Betsey Johnson's Fall 2011 Runway show (click that link to watch the show).
My favorite elements were the lace print wigs, mesh print fabrics, the 2nd half's employee model explosion (chubby girls and gay boys make everything better), the floral printed combat boots (particularly the turquoise pair), and the Betsey/Patricia Field dance party explosion at the end. Blogger Gala Darling had the pleasure of hanging out and walking in the that link so see her delicious, picture-filled post.

- The event Plus London's Tumblr.
Lauren of Pocket Rocket organized this amazing fatshion blogger meet up. Their Tumblr is full of fun images and links about the events and the bloggers included.

- Lady Gaga's Grammy performance.
I was crazy about her pony tail and her absurd egg. I'm a huge fan of Mugler, Sci-Fi, and latex so I was in heaven. Many will shit-talk her over the top performances and "stunts", but the theatrics and artistic ridiculousness are frankly the ONLY reason I watched the Grammys at all. If the mainstream is over it, the freaks will take her with open arms. Also: see her stylist's blog for more in-depth outfit pictures and details.

- Sopes and Potato Tacos from El Camino Real.
So, growing up in white-ass Cincinnati, Ohio, I know VERY little about Mexican Food. Actually, up until recently, I knew very little about food that didn't involve pizza or pasta. My switch to Vegetarian life required me to expand my palate, so now I have Indian food, Ramen, and Mexican food under my belt. Long story short: Frankie took me here and now I dream of eating these.

Watch live streaming video from jeremyscott at

- Jeremy Scott Fall 2011.
Favorite elements: Super hero sequin dresses (complete with capes), furry mary janes, candy colored leather minis, skull sweaters, neon faux fur stoles, and the see-thru moto jackets. If you want to see some great behind the scenes shots, check here.

- Teer Wayde blogs about her gorgeous Dita Cardigan from Wheels and Dollbaby complete with pics of her insanely hot self.

- Lush's Trichomania Solid Shampoo.
Dubious about solid shampoos, I only tried this gem because I received a sample in my last lush order. It was conditioning and HIGHLY thorough at cleaning, but my hair felt sensational.

- This picture from the Glamourai.
The jacket, glasses and ring...SWOOOOON.

And the best for last: Beth Ditto's brand new video I Wrote the Book from her solo EP


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  2. LOVE!!! the new feature. Who is that I see careening through, in all her glittering glory....? Why it's my bet yo' booties she's-fabulously-creative wifey!!! D-voon. (*aka divenly swooning*)

  3. Thanks, booboo!!! You are the glittery, honey-scented wind beneath my pink wings!

  4. Amazingly divine inspiration for sure! Thank you for making this lovely post! :) Hearts, janna lynn

  5. Thank you for the linkage honey!! x

  6. Janna - THANK YOU! <3

    Teer - Thank you for the delicious eye candy!

  7. Yes yes yes! Oh how I loved Betsey Johnson's & Jeremy Scott shows! So amazing! So many pretty things I would LOVE to own! I'm excited about the new BJ range, I may be able to afford something!

  8. Holy shit. I love your blog. I want to go shopping with you. It's impossible for me to find clothes that fit me and actually look nice here. I'm stuck with Old Navy and Lane Bryant. Boooo.

  9. Fabulously inspiring, all of it! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Natalie - I've bought almost all of my BJ on super sale...I know your are in AUS, so it's a bit harder, but it's totally out there! usually has her stuff once a month at KILLER prices.

    Cmonfatso - THANK you! The internet is totally my friend...I lived in Ohio and the second internet shopping popped up, I dove right in.

    Grace - THANK YOU!