Monday, February 14, 2011

OOTD: Shreddy Bettie

So, if you read my twitter, you may have read that due to some back issues, I haven't been leaving the couch/office chair much. One of those "my heating pad is my best friend" kinda weeks. I was delighted when I woke up this past Wednesday without any pain. Hallelujah! This meant that I was, of course, chomping at the bit to get out of the house come weekend time.

Friday night we got word that two of our friends were coming up from San Diego to hit up Killing Spree at Medusa Lounge. It was a hipster-y goth kinda night, featuring bands like Adult. and New Order...and frankly, lots of others whom I just didn't know off hand. There were many giggles and butt wiggles, all in all ending in a good night.

Before hand, my husband snapped some pictures of my 'fit. Anybody sick of my Dr Martens and Beth Ditto jacket? I promise I have tons of other clothes...these are just my go-to comfy dancing duds.

OOTD: Shreddy Bettie
OOTD: Shreddy BettieOOTD: Shreddy Bettie

Outfit Details:
Bettie Page Top: From Spunk, a now defunct goth store from Ohio. Modified to fit my belly expansion since my high school days
Hooded Long Cardigan: Black Peace Now
Jacket: Beth Ditto for Evans
Skirt: Delias
Leggings: Evans
Boots: Dr Martens
Necklace + Black Ring: Forever 21
Rainbow Quarz Ring: Me (supplies bought off eBay)

Lastly: I've been wondering if perhaps I don't show enough of my personality and interests on this's mostly a fashion blog, but I'd love share more of myself. So, if you love reading my blog, please leave a comment with a fun question and I will answer them this week in a post. <3


  1. That Bettie Page top is so fly. Love it!

  2. Love this questioning idea!
    But first of all: BETTY! So fucking damn cool!

    So fun question:

    Who is your celebrity crush?

  3. Wowza! I love that top!

    Fun Question: What's something you've always wanted to wear but never have?

  4. Q: If you were an animal, what animal would you be?

    (By the way, Domino Dollhouse is fab! I just found the website the other day).

  5. I am LOVING these questions! I can't wait to write this blog post =)

  6. Question- what lipstick are you wearing here?

    Also I love this outfit.

  7. Q1: Do you eat breakfast and if so, what do you usually eat?

    Q2: What do you like to "splurge" on? What do you usually "skimp" on?

  8. Oh! I love this outfit! The top is fantastic! You influenced me the other day to style up an outfit with a sheer top! I felt super sexy!!