Friday, January 6, 2012

Re/Dress NYC Indie+ and Closing Weekend

Re/Dress Sign

I can't believe it's been over a month since I arrived in NYC for the Re/Dress Indie+ event. To be a part of such an amazing event as a designer is something I couldn't have fathomed a year ago. Not only was I asked to come and vend, but I also put on my first fashion show as Domino Dollhouse. The weekend was bittersweet, as while it was super exciting and thrilling for me and my shop, Re/Dress was closing down. It was the catalyst, however, to meeting so many amazing, inspiring people. I want to give special thanks to Deb and her amazing staff for being so kind and welcoming, especially in the face of their unfortunate situation. I wanted to take each and every one of them home with me in my suitcases!!!

Gettin' ready for the fahsion show

I've got so many pictures, so bear with me! People in the pictures: I'm going to try and put links for all of these lovely people and items, but if I can't find one or if you'd like to use a different one, just let me know! As with the last post, click an image to see it larger on my Flickr.

Vending Shots:
Domino Dollhouse Clothes at Re/DressDomino Dollhouse Clothes at Re/DressDomino Dollhouse Clothes at Re/Dress

Amazing Ladies Und Moi Shots:
Leslie, Marianne, and Me
Lesley Kinzel, Me, and Marianne Kirby (the ol' ticker kinda raced when I met these two...I mean...LOVE)

Audrey and Me
Me and Audrey Lea Curry (of Big Sexy fame...she walked for me in the fashion show, as well!)

Taueret and Me
Taueret and Me (seriously inspiring and wonderful dame. I want her in my dollhouse someday, guys!!!)

Virgie and Me
Virgie Tovar and Me (I totally want to do some over accessorizing with her someday)

Alicia and me
Alicia and Me (was told she walked like a fierce tiger by Deb and WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED in her DD runway performance)

Deb, myself, and the Glamazons!
Deb, the Glamazons, and Me (I worked with these ladies at my old job and it was great to be reunited!)

Erin, The Broadist, and me
Me, Erin, and Caroline (Erin was a delightful model for DD and Caroline is SUCH an amazing vintage styler...LOVE these ladies)

Maxey and me
Me and Maxey Greene (isnt' she just DREAMY?? Another wonderful model that walked for DD)

Gabi and Me
Gabi Gregg and Me (she was super sweet...ended up working with her on this post where she rocks some DD!)

The fashion show was such a great success and it was SO wonderful of Deb to procure a team of fashion show experts to help things run smoothly. Big thanks to Nanthale and her crew:

Fashion Show Crew and Me

You can catch the runway show on Domino Dollhouse's youtube:

All in all, it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and DEFINTELY so far in my Domino Dollhouse career. It wouldn't have been possible with the inspiring, fierce warrior DEB!

Deb and Me

I'm so excited to have her on the west coast and can't wait to do some fatty collabs out her. Welcome to CA, Deb!


  1. Oh! So amazing and so sad to have missed it! Re/Dress was completely life-changing. Congrats on the show, though Tracy! Your stuff looks inCREDible and I'm dying over those velvet moto jackets! xoxoxo

  2. Thanks, Joy!! <3 Those moto jackets are back in stock as of yesterday in black and burgundy. Come play at my house and try on goodies, miss thang!!

  3. What gorgeous ladies! I wish I had been able to attend this fabulous event, I visited Re/Dress when I was in New York City in October and had a really positive experience, I am so sad that they had to close.

    Congrats on your runway show! I really want the birthday bash dress, I've had my eye on it for awhile. I want to dress like a character out of a John Waters movie for my birthday and I think this dress would be perfect.

    You look pretty and I love your hair!


  4. I actually had emailed to walk that event and never got a response..i wish i woulda made it all together

  5. Watermelon! Oh so cute! :> I would die for a dress like that ^^,