Sunday, December 4, 2011

Honeymoonaversary Pic Post

Hello Chubblettes! Thank you for sticking with my blog, even though I've been traveling so much that I haven't been able to update. The great thing about that, however, is that I've been building up lots of good content to share with you. First up on the back log of post topics is the 2 week trip my husband and I took in honor of 10 years together/2 years married. After we got married, we focused on trying to purchase a house rather than taking a honeymoon. So, our honeymoon did come, just 2 years overdue! We flew up to Seattle and rented a car to drive down the coast, visiting Olympia, Portland, San Francisco, and San Luis Obispo. It was a trip full of site seeing, visiting family, eating, and shopping. I even had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful fatties along the way! For each city's images, click on the thumbnail to see it larger on my Flickr. Let's start with Seattle.

We'd never visited this city and was wonderfully surprised with its offerings. We stayed in Capitol Hill and mostly kept our wanderings within walking distance from our hotel. Here we spent countless hours in our in room hot tub, ate the greatest cupcakes ever made, and visited a private goth club. It was a little cold for my lightweight jacket, but our Ohio blood helped us maintain. We left with full bellies and the most amazing All Saint's Necklace that will appear in many following photos.

Favorite Spots: Cupcake Royale, All Saints, the Mercury, Molly Moon's, Unicorn

Big Mario'sBig MarioBig Mario'sPumpkin Clove Ice Cream All Saints WindowDecor at UnicornJoe with his "My Little Pony" Cocktail at UnicornDecor at UnicornCap'tn Kirk Mac and Cheese at UnicornDeep Fried Snickers at UnicornMe at Unicorn in SeattleCupcake Royale in SeattleCupcake Royale in SeattleMercury Laser RealnessJoe and I at the Mercury

We stopped here on our way to Portland because I wanted to see the town and indulge in a little Riot Grrl nostalgia. We had amazing calzones, found an adorable gift stop, and had skully mochas at Burial Grounds. Short and brief, it was still a beautiful town with the most amazing fall foliage I think I've ever seen.

Favorite Spots: Burial Grounds, Archibald Sisters, Al Forno Ferruzza

Bearded Lady CameoSkull Mocha at Burial Grounds!Adorable Italian PlaceMost Delicious Calzone Ever

Portland was both a honeymoon stop + a family visit, as we spent the first half with my sister in law and her boyfriend. It also fell on Halloween, so we got all dressed up and went to Dante's for fire dancing gogo girls, cocktails, and freakshow delights! My husband and I were classic monsters, choosing Frankenstein's Monster and a Mummy, respectively. I loved my mummy costume, though I think I could perfect it for future use. This was also the only spot on our trip where I had easy access to plus size gear in the form of Fat Fancy and Savvy Plus! Both had amazingly friendly staffs who were positive, kind, and very knowledgeable. I snapped some pics of Fat Fancy, thanks to one of the co-owners, Annie, who was super amazing and has a killer Miss Piggy Collection. Fat Fancy photos get their own lil' section in this write up:
Fat FancyFat FancyFat FancyFat FancyWith Annie of Fat Fancy
At Savvy Plus, I was in a bit of a rush to get to other plans to capture photos, but I did score a fabulous velvet blazer and knee high black velvet Dr Martens! These will start appearing in OOTDs very soon. I did not get to visit Size Queen while I was there, but I met the owner/designer, Bertha Pearl, at Re/Dress last month and I highly recommend visiting her shop too! While in Portland, we had our 2 year wedding anniversary and celebrated with fabulous Italian food. We stayed at the Jupiter Inn, which has to be one of the most overrated hotels in history. DO NOT recommend.

Favorite Spots: Fat Fancy, Savvy Plus, Portland Food Carts, Nostrana, VooDoo Donuts, The Lovecraft Bar

Voodoo DonutsGlittery Brick at Voodoo Donuts!Essential Portland PicVoodoo DonutsVoodoo DonutsVoodoo DonutsVoodoo DonutsBig as my head! Voodoo DonutsVoodoo Donut ExplosionHalloween Broxies!Halloween Broxies!Halloween Broxies!Pumpkin Latte at the Portland Food CartsOur Door at the JupiterLovecraft BarLovecraft BarLovecraft BarLovecraft Bar

San Francisco:
We spent most of our time here hanging out with my sister + brother in law and our nephew, so we didn't really snap any photos suitable for this blog. We did do some serious damage at Five and Diamond, an amazing steampunky, tribal belly dance type store. I purchase leather bow-clad sock garters which will DEFINITELY be shared on here soon. On our way out, we stopped by the Winchester Mystery House, which is INCREDIBLE, but did not allow photos, sadly.

Madonna Inn/San Luis Obispo:
I had been told by so many people since moving to California 7 years ago that I needed to visit the Madonna Inn that I lost count. Turns out: they were right! We choose the "Merry" room (part of a 3 room series called Merry Go and Round), primarily because it has pink sparkly walls. Upon checking in, we were greeted with Happy Anniversary balloons and champagne! Their customer service is top notch and everything they use is so's a little like heaven. We spent a full day exploring the grounds, including their gift shops, amazing pool + spa area, and multiple restaurants. They serve pink sugar for your coffee in little shakers and a rainbow array of water goblets at each table. For our dinner, we were given free pink champagne cake for our celebration and it is fantastic! I seriously recommend that if you have the opportunity you should at least visit this place. It's incredible and was a wonderful end to our trip.

Merry RoomMerry RoomMadonna InnSurprise!Merry RoomOur Room's Sink!Gorgeous Goblet and Pink Sugar!The Steakhouse at the Madonna InnDining in the SteakhouseMadonna Inn's CakesChoco CakePink Champy Cake

We had a wonderful time, but 2 weeks is a long time to be away from our pets and my business. When we got home, I had 7 days to prepare Domino Dollhouse's collections for the Re/Dress NYC Indie+ event. Which will be my next blog post...stay tuned!


  1. Awesome ! Love the pics and can't wait to see all of your fashion finds !


  2. It sounds like you had a truly fabulous time. Congratulations on your Anniversary, 10 years is quite an accomplishment! I hope my boyfriend and I make it to 10 years and on. I love all the pictures, thanks so much for sharing all these. The food looks so good, Cap'tn Kirk Mac and Cheese, haha adorable. This sounds like an ideal vacation with shopping, dancing, exploring, eating, and hot tubs. The Madonna Inn looks like a dream; a crazy, glittery, pastel, and pink dream! I love your blue hair, it really suits you. Fat Fancy looks like such a fun place and I love the Halloween costumes - you guys did an excellent job with them. Inky has an eye on you guys, watch out.


  3. Wow! Fantastic picciage!! ^^v
    Madonna Inn looks awesome!

  4. Yes, I'm commenting again haha, I hope you don't mind that I tagged you in a Christmas List post. I always feel silly telling people "oh hi, uh, I mentioned you on my blog" but I figured I'd give you a heads up that I had.


  5. This looks like such a lovely trip! And I'm not gonna lie, I love seeing pics of my town in it. :)

  6. so amazing!!!
    I have always heard the best things about Portland. You just seriously motivated me to get there STAT. I think the velvet blazer and knee-high docs did the trick as well.