Monday, April 26, 2010

Spank! for the Chubblettes!

Images taken from the Spank! Girls Tumblr

I love love love Japanese Street Fashion. Since a friend first showed me the book FRUiTS 7 years ago, I've had a fascination with their labels and style. I became familiar with Spank!, a small Japanese store, after subscribing to Kera...and fell in love. With a penchant for 80's toys, pastels, and polka dots, Spank! is a love letter to childhood. Considering that Japanese clothing is often one size fits all that doesn't fit all, my only way to get the Spank! look is to re-create my own version of their unique style. Here are some points of style to follow if you want to get Spank!ed up.

- Pastel colors mixed with black and white
- Cropped Moto Jacket
- Printed Tights
- Classic Reeboks, Chucks, or Dr Martens
- 80's characters on tees or purses
- Hoodies
- Polka Dots or Stripes
- Bows and Hearts
- Denim Mini Skirts
- Short Petticoats
...and most importantly LOTS OF LAYERS!

I definitely want to do an OOTD with my own Spank! look...stay tuned!!


  1. Wow great done, I read about spank! on and fell in love with it. It so sweet and cute and I waaaaaant to get some more keypieces for a look like that.

  2. They are my FAVORITE of the Japanese labels! <3 Thanks for the kind comment!

  3. I looove it! I love colors, i love your blog. I'm so happy I discovered you through fatshionista. Yay!

  4. Hi!

    I've awarded you the Sugar Doll Award over at my blog -->

    xox Nat

  5. Thank you SO MUCH Mintii and Natatree <3

  6. You are AWESOME. I love this look. It has inspired me, and you are the BOMB. You have flair. C'est Manifique!