Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Evans Heel Shoe Review

I love high shoes...heels, platforms, wedges. However, when it comes to high heels, I find that I often feel wobble-y and unstable. And not to mention my flat-footed height of 5'9" leads to me looking like a pink haired godzilla, stepping on tiny villagers. I'd heard rumors that Evans high heels were comfy and easy to walk in, especially for the weight I got in my trot. I decided to get 2 pairs for the wedding extravaganza of a few weeks ago and gave them a whirl. Here are images of them on and the juicy details on some hot pumps!

Pink/Grey Ankle Cuff Pump
OOTD: Pink + Grey Sassafrass OOTD: Pink + Grey Sassafrass

These are probably the most comfortable heels I've ever had on my tootsies. They are easy to walk in and standing in them is about a comfy as you can be while wearing heels. Quick lesson learned: Evans shoes are wide and run a size large. I normally wear a size US 11 and I would normally order a size 9UK. However, with Evans shoes, I'm a solid 8 and they are, as you can see in the photos, still a bit wide/large around the cuff.

Black Elastic Strap Croc Pump
Evans Shoe ReviewEvans Shoe Review

Now these shoes are HOT. I love them...they look fabulous with everything, the fit is spot on (the elastic makes them more flexible than the above pair). They are SLIGHTLY less comfortable than the pink/grey pair, but I think after a few nights of wear, they'll be spot on. Again, I definitely had to purchase a size down, but the fit seems consistent.

Do you have a favorite high heel brand? Let me know! I'd LOOOOOOVE to try more!


  1. I like the top shoes, love how the bright pink color pops! Those shoes would have gone great together with the dress I wore today. hehe :D

  2. Both pairs are HAWT! I love them, thanks for sharing!


  3. I love both pairs! Plus we wear the same shoe size... If you see someone sneaking into your house and stealing your shoes, it's definitely just a dream. Yes. Yes. A dream. :D


  4. Jennifer - they are so amazing! I wish they were still available...my review is late =(

    Stiletto - THANK YOU!

    Annissa - Hahaha =)

  5. girl you know it's true. oooo ooo ooo I LOVE CHOOZE!