Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Things are changing.  In the last year, my life has had some major twists; I closed Domino Dollhouse, had a 2nd daughter, and then moved to Southern Orange County.  As we are starting to adjust to our new normal, I realized how much of my focus has changed.  While I still have a desire to keep up with my own aesthetic, add in milestones - baby clothing - parks - re-decorating and Chubble Bubble no longer embodies my life.  I want to share more about what my days are currently like and thus, BRXTRMN was born.  Between exploring our new home turf, raising 2 daughters, and navigating plus size motherhood, I have a more varied list of topics these days.  Fashion still holds a huge place in my heart, so do not expect it to go away, but hopefully I can share more of me in the days to come. Thank you for all your support,

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