Friday, September 4, 2015

Domino Dollhouse Closing

Hello Dolls,

It comes with a heavy heart that I have to announce that Domino Dollhouse will be going on an indefinite hiatus starting this November.  For the time being, I will be selling the current stock down and closing the website by November of 2015.  Domino Dollhouse has been a labor of love for almost 5 years but now I will be focusing on my growing family.  It is unclear if I will return in the same capacity, but I hope that it would be possible some time down the road.  I want to take this time to thank the people who have helped me run and create Domino Dollhouse, those who have patronized Domino Dollhouse, and the unwavering support of my dolls.  

I strongly suggest that those with store credit or gift certificates please use them within the next few months, as they will no longer be valid after November of 2015.  I will still be around in a personal capacity on my blog and I hope that some of you will continue to follow me there to see the next part of my journey.

Feel free to send any questions my way at  Thanks again to you all for your continued support.



  1. UGH my heart! You are phenomenal woman! I am excited for your new adventures chubble baby and your new little and will continue to eat up every stylish moment of chubble bubble. And by golly I hope I get to see you sooner than later! <3 <3 <3

  2. Oh no! Your clothes are the only clothes I actually love but Ive never not been broke since I found them so Im extra sad. Plus size fashion is losing greatness. Best wishes to you and your family and I sooo hope to see you at it again ♡

  3. SAD! But I hope you and your family flourish.

  4. It's a sad day for plus size fashion! Best of wishes for the future, I know this will be the beginning of another awesome adventure for you. Xx

  5. Oh no, that's so sad to hear, but I can totally understand your reasoning. xo

  6. All the best to you in your next adventure!