Thursday, November 13, 2014

Science/Visions Collection from Domino Dollhouse

My clothing label, Domino Dollhouse, has been undergoing some changes.  I have always wanted to create a line that is more my personal style, but haven't had the resources and means until this season.  For Winter 2014, I designed our Science/Visions collection with the goal to create really cool pieces that were comfortable and suitable for everyday wear.  I've put so much love and energy into making this happen EXACTLY like it was in my head and I couldn't be happier.  It launches on Friday 11/14/14 for the 4th Birthday of Domino Dollhouse.  Here is a sneak preview of some editorials we shot for the line.

A HUGE thanks to the crew on this one:
Photography + Editing by Nichole Alex
Modeling by Kelsey Olsen and Alex DeLarosa
Make Up by Natasha Marcelina
Hair by Stephanie Eloise
DD is Myself and Tiffany Knight


  1. I'm completely smitten with the collection!

    Bravo for making accessible dark fashion for plus sized ladies. This collection is so on point, it never veers into cheesy goth, which is so often where plus goth fashion lands!

    I associate this look as nu goth, but it's really in how you style it, so it works perfectly for people who do not associate with a 'goth' label, but are just looking for some darker, edgier pieces.

    once again, Bravo!


  2. Fantastic collection, good job girl. I love the pictures too, they are great.


  3. Amazing pics!!! love it!!