Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spring/Summer '13 Wardrobe Inspo

Now that it's officially spring and getting (even) warmer, I like to evaluate my wardrobe and what I'm inspired by in fashion right now.  Here are my current obsessions for my personal style this Spring/Summer 2013.

 photo basics_zpsde5d0358.jpg  
Quality Basics
For years, I just grabbed cute(ish) basics from Old Navy, Walmart, and Target but I must admit: I was forever disappointed with what I got. There was always something off with the design and even more off with the fit.  I started to look into getting less pieces at a slightly higher price and will NEVER go back to those crummy options.  Besides, spending $40 on a perfect tank top is cheaper than buying 4 different poorly made $14 ones that you don't love!  Above are my current favorite basics, perfect for LIVING in.  Go to brands? SWAK, Babooshka, and Rachel PallyDamn You Alexis also has some killer pieces.

 photo hologrclr_zpsb89ab422.jpg
Accessories in Clear, Hologram, and Iridescent
I've always loved futuristic styling and nothing says space ship like these materials.  They were HUGE on the runways, but I think translate well to regular life.  Also: what isn't fun about a little more sparkle & shimmer!?

 photo peridot_zps8937722d.jpg  
From eyeshadow to jewelry to fabric, this color (coincidentally my birthstone) has found it's way into my heart. I'm loving it for make up, particularly...eyes and nails!

What are you loving this spring/summer?


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  2. Awesome awesome. Thanks so much for sharing. Excuse me while i google my way through these fashion goods :)


  3. j adore le top noir,le 3 avec la capuche,une tuerie...

    bonne semaine a vous !

  4. I am CRAVING the peridot clutch. Oh my god. Want. Can you imagine it with royal blue and grey? I think I'm about to spend some $$... - a plus(h) size fashion blog

  5. Great selection of style and accessories. The shoes in particular are amazing,

  6. Where is that long hoodie from? I need to have it!