Saturday, April 20, 2013

Nuclear Seasons: My Latest Collection for Domino Dollhouse

Nuclear Seasons Collection Nuclear Seasons Collection

Yesterday I launched the first part of Domino Dollhouse's new Nuclear Seasons collection. It was so fun to be able to bring my 90's rave, grunge, spice girl influenced dreams come true. These are probably some of my favorite photos created for DD thus far.  The photography is by Shannon Brooke, make up by Natasha Marcelina, hair by Frankie Sin, modeling by Alex De Vel and Lia Freeman, and styling by Tiffany Kaelin.  If you'd like to see what else influenced the process, check out our video playlist here and our pinterest board here.  The pieces that will be making their way into my closet first are the Slip Dress in Blue Roses, Maxi Skirt in Blue Roses, and the Zippered Full Skirt in Black Metallic Spandex (this bad boy has POCKETS too...coming soon with part 2).

What are your favorite pieces?

Nuclear Seasons CollectionNuclear Seasons Collection
Nuclear Seasons CollectionNuclear Seasons Collection


  1. I looooove this collection, Trace! I've got my eyes on the babydoll dress (to wear with my Buffalo platforms, natch) and the pink beanie.

    Frances x

    1. That will be SMASHING!! <3 I cannot wait to see =)

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