Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Domino Dollhouse Rebel Rebel Collection


Influenced by British punk, girl gangs, and tough cookies everywhere, the Rebel Rebel Collection is an ode to those brave enough to stand out without apology. Bold colors, striking prints, and loud denim all come together to create an aesthetic that is ultimately badass, yet completely feminine.

With each Domino Dollhouse collection, I get more and more intense about the pieces, the styling, and the overall concept. Infusing my own personal style with what I think my dolls will love is the constant focus and I definitely feel like I'm getting more in tune with both aspects. This collection is full of awesome pieces that can be mixed up within the collection, but also with your existing wardrobe.

Here are my personal favorites that I will surely be snagging for myself.


The collection should be out some time this week (or next at the absolute latest) and the garments will be priced at $45.99 to $69.99. Most of the accessories are for sale as well, so check out the full goods VERY soon.

<3 and chubbles,


  1. Oh Tracy, you are so amazing, so lovely so great, so inspiring! I just can't I want every piece of this! Like really. My absolute favorite outfit is the second one.

  2. Thank you so so much!! It means so much to me to hear such wonderful things about my hard work. <3

  3. Really love this collection and what you're doing for plus size fashion! And your price point is so so reasonable. LOVE Domino Dollhouse!!! I will definitely be rocking it.

  4. Love this collection, I heard about it on your facebook page and have been waiting for it to come out to finally snag me a few pieces. I definitely want that polka dot skirt.

  5. oh my god, I am ALL over this!!!


  6. I am completely in love and lust with the third outfit - you don't even know. <3

  7. I have to applaud you lady for your fabulous work, this is one killer collection. I want every single dress shown here, the last two for certain, even if I have to turn to illegal activities for them - I'm kidding, but I'm considering it :P

    The models look fabulous and can't wait to snatch up a few of these items, I've literally been checking the site everyday.


  8. I love all the colors and patterns in this line! Beautiful. Also as a side note, I am really liking the color coordinated eyebrows with the hair. Lovely.


  9. I hereby dedicate this Friday's paycheck to Domino Dollhouse! Waiting to get my order in for your gorgeous designs is killing me!! Thank you for making cute clothes happen in a size I can wear!

  10. Styling. Concept. Models. Photography all AH-HMAZING BUT....The clothes themselves are even more divine!!! Head over heels for the leopard/polka dot combo. Congratulations on the collection!!

    Kate Jean xx

  11. 2nd, 3rd and 5th outfits are mine!! And the blue hair too, awesome styling and fashion! I also feel the blue lipstick.:-D