Saturday, February 11, 2012

OOTD: End of Line

A few weeks ago, my husband and I went to Disneyland, which is always a challenge style-wise. The outfit has to be comfy, but it's such a fun outing, why would you want to look boring? Here's a casual, comfy outfit that's perfect for a few hours at the D-land. Though, word of advice: too many layers and fringe necklaces get caught on the rides. NO JOKE.

We snapped these photos at the End of Line bar, based on the Tron: Legacy movie in California Adventure. We have to go back some time when it's, you know, lit up and open!

OOTD: End of LineOOTD: End of Line
OOTD: End of Line

Outfit Details:
Gray Dress + Leggings: Asos Curve (dress modified)
Black Vest: Black Peace Now
Fringe Necklace: Threadriot via GatherLA
Silver Necklace: Forever21
Sunglasses: Domino Dollhouse (
Shoes: Nordstrom

I'm terrible at Fatshion February so far, but hopefully I can snap some more outfits. Also: my shop is doing a Fatshion February offer, so check it out here.


  1. Love this look! It is cute and comfy - perfect for walking around the park.

    I went to Disney in January but the pictures were lost. They were so adorable! When I realized what had happened (a week later) I cried. Yup, over pictures.

    I can understand the getting caught in rides part. My only layer was a cardigan and it was getting stuck in everything!

  2. I love this look, I struggle with the same thing, how to be cute and comfortable in a situation that involves a lot of walking about, I think you really pulled it off here. I hope to visit Disneyland one day, I've been to Disney World but not Disneyland. I really like the detail at the ankle of the leggings, super cute.


  3. This is so amazing! I absolutely love this look. Everything about this is fantastic!

  4. Nichole - Awww, that's terrible! I'm so sorry =(

    Elle - Thanks so much! I've actually never been to Disney World, but Disneyland is about 30 mins from our house, so it's an easy, fun distraction!

    Semicosmic - THANK YOU!

  5. Wow, I totally love this! I feel we have similar tastes. Mrs. Spookshow & I actually work at a theme park (though only seasonally for me), so I've spent my fair share of time at them and can definitely sympathize with the whole style / comfort angle there. You nailed it here! I want all of these pretty things!

  6. I looovveee your outfit!!!!
    so funky!!!