Friday, September 9, 2011


Time for some Linklette action! Here's what I've been digging around the world these past two weeks.

- Ninja Betty and the Nunchix "Starfucker"
I can't believe that I can call these two ladies my friends, but it's true. They are incredibly talented, inspiring, and SPARKLEY! I just saw their live show on Tuesday and it was mindblowing, for real. Please watch their first video and try not to explode with excitement! You can buy the track here.

- Rachel Adams for Teen Vogue
Super smart, insightful, important. Incredibly excited for it to be on Teen Vogue!!

- Higher Learning on Rookie
Tips for high schoolers from famous grown ups! Features Joss Whedon, JD Samson, and more. Rookie is the new online magazine for teenage girls from Tavi of Style Rookie.

- TLC's new show Big Sexy
I'm enjoying this show, a large part due to Audrey's amazing wardrobe! Of course there are cringe moments for anyone who's well versed in fat girl politics, but I don't want to let that overshadow the amazing-ness that is truly goin' on here!

I've been working on a Fall Style inspo for myself that I'm hoping to pop up in a few days...stay tuned!


  1. Love that quote from Big Sexy "once you go big, you never go twig" I love it!!

  2. I love your blog and I love Domino Dollhouse!


  3. I read both articles you posted, love them.

    I don't think I'll watch 'Big Sexy' although I do appreciate the concept, of course there are fierce sexy ladies out there who aren't a size 0 and have no desire to be, I'm glad they are finally acknowledging these ladies in TV land but I rarely trust TV programming. TV always seems to find a way to exploit and twist things according to whatever plan was derived originally for the show -regardless of what actually happens in the series. I wish the fine ladies of the show the best of luck and am happy they have a show either way.