Thursday, September 15, 2011

Halloween Costumes: Backwards!

So, this year for Halloween my husband and I are celebrating 2 years married and 10 years together by taking a trip down the west coast. We'll be in Portland for Halloween and I don't mind shelling out some dough for a fabulous costume! However, I'd still like to get my moneys I propose a plan! I'm going to pick out a few fabulous dresses and go backwards. I'm going to post the front runners and maybe my Chubblettes can help me out with figuring out which one can be transformed (with accessories) to the most fabulous Halloween costume!!

A few quick restrictions:
1. I cannot wear heels for long periods of time and be happy about it. Must go with wedges, flats, or boots!
2. It's gonna be chilly...some kinda jacket might have to be worn with it for periods of time.
3. I'm just never EVER gonna dress as anything that lives in the ocean. I leave that to my ONLY sea friend, Jessica.

Here are the dresses in question...

Latex Babydoll Dress in Black or Metallic Pewter

Rainbow Sequin Dress

Black/White Stripe Tulle Dress (with Black Tulle)

The latex dress is my favorite, but I'm unsure about what I'd put on my arms to keep from freezing AND, of course, it's the most expensive and tricky to fit. Help, my chubblettes!


  1. OMG i love love love the black white stripe tulle dress. i need that in my life!

  2. I love the sequin dress - you could go as some kind of 1960's go-go dancer with an amazing beehive, white tights and boots?

    I do love the last one too - for that I think some kind of amazing mime or circus lady kind of deal?

    Do post pics of what you come up with! Exciting!

  3. the tulle dress is amazing!!!!!!!!!!! amazing i say.... do that one! Love it!


  4. Lala - It's sooooo good, right??

    Trees - both super cute ideas! <3 Thanks!

    TT - But what would I beeeeeeeee??

  5. I gotta say, I like the latex dress and I could totally see you dressed up like a retro style pinup robot/space avenger like in a 50's comic book. You would need some thigh high boots, long gloves (to cover those chilly arms!), some sort of futuristic helmet with antennas and even a cape could work. You'd be the hottness!

  6. Like this...

  7. I second the retro style pinup space avenger!