Monday, June 6, 2011

Random Picture Extravaganza

Sorry for the lack of updates! Between visitors, birthdays, illnesses, my upcoming collection and my trip to New York (I leave Wednesday), I've been a very bad blogger, yet I've been snapping pics along the way. Here are some snapshots from the various events of the past few weeks.

Me and Shannon
Me and Shannon Brooke at her Birthday Party! She's the mastermind behind the Domino Dollhouse photography and an amazing person. Check out her mini sombrero!

Tess and Frankie
Tess Munster and Frankie Sin - at my wifey's burlesque debut! Tess modeled for Domino Dollhouse and she couldn't have been more amazing!

DD Crew!
Here's a behind the scenes shot after the DD photoshoot! I <3 my girls.

Tom Lenk and the Crew
No, it's not deja vu! We met Tom Lenk again, this time by accident at a friend's b-day party in Silverlake.

Liquid CrackLiquid Crack
Frankie introduced me to these large buckets of Korean Coffee Milk...they are INSANELY strong!

Stay tuned for adventures from New York! <3


  1. yaay Tess! Shes so awesome! i love all the different styles and colors on you and all of your pretty friends in these pics :) you all look great!


  2. Thanks! Tess is AMAZING and my new muse <3. Love her!

  3. Anita, I ADORE you! Tracy, another bitchin blog post! (& not just because I am in it) you deserve all things great and sparkly coming your way! Muse? Eeeeeeep! I am a very lucky kitten!!

  4. You are freakin' magical, my dear. Wait until you see what's next, mama! <3 <3

  5. that Korean coffee milk looks delish and like the perfect size to me, x-large.

    What eye shadow are you wearing for the last picture of you holding the coffee, I know the pic is saturated but I love the sheen?