Sunday, June 19, 2011

NYC: Eat, Eat, Eat

This past week was spent in NYC with my bestie, celebrating his 30th birthday. I kept joking with my husband that I was going to Eat, Pray, Love my way through NYC...then would quickly modify it to Eat, Eat, Eat. Since I'm happily married and not religious, it seems like the best conclusion. And if you asked my camera, you'd think that's exactly what I did. Since it was excruciatingly hot, I was constantly sweaty and greasy haired. HOT. Coincidentally, I really only dug it out when the food came out, thus the pictures are heavily nosh related...don't continue if you are hungry =) All images are available on my Flickr, so feel free to click them for larger views.

Here are my visit highlights:

Hipster Coffee at Chelsea MarketCrepe Art at Chelsea MarketChelsea Market TreatsLast Lunch in NYC
- Chelsea Market
This "food concourse" as it's called is really just what I'd call a hipster food mall. Regardless, it was had a ridiculous number of fun/interesting food options. We visited twice and on the first visit it was pouring rain outside, so we holed up in the lobby until we decided what to do. It was here that Natasha Bedingfield told me she liked my eye make up in a weird turn of events. Welcome to NYC, I suppose!

BoyzzzPriest AlbertWhy does Taylor have a ghost??BFFs
- Rockbar
For my first night out in NYC, we headed to Rockbar for Beareoke. It was quite an evening, filled with dogs, priests, and my hiding my eyes to avoid penis flashes. My friend sang a song with said dog + priest and you can watch it here.

Fatshion Goodies rom Re/Dress
- Re/Dress
We headed out for my first trip to Brooklyn to visit Big Girl Mecca, aka: Re/Dress. Knowing full well that I had a 52lb bag, ALREADY over the limit to get back on the plane, there wasn't going to be a lot of shopping. I grabbed these two zines and button, as they were easily popped in my carry on and made great plane reading! The lovely girl who checked us out was a vision in purple and ridiculous sweet. It's an incredibly shop with an amazing vibe...not to be missed if you are in the area, for sure!

Greatest Cookies EVA.
- Momofuku Milk Bar
This adorable little treat shop was out of everything we'd originally came in for, so we settled for these 3 cookies: Corn Cookie, Compost Cookie, and Corn Flake/Marshmellow Cookie. Settled, we did not as they were the most amazing cookies I'd ever eaten!!! Seriously, Momofuku, LA branch soon?

Dinner at S'Mac
- S'Mac
As the world's pickiest vegetarian, I had to expand on my food selections and discovered and underdevloped love of Grilled Cheese and Mac/Cheese. Foods, for sure, that you learn to love as a kid, but I just never did. Making up for lost time, we headed to S'Mac, a Mac and Cheese restaurant. The only bad thing: there's like 4 other flavors I wanted to try and, of course, only had room for the 1.

- Malatesta
Not much to say about this restaurant other than it was cute, we sat outside in the rain, and I ate some delish spinach gnocchi.

Miss Van and McQueen Pin
- Savage Beauty/Alexander McQueen at the Metropolitan Museum of Art This was my #1 must see thing this visit to New York. After waiting 45 minutes, we entered to see amazing cubbies filled with Alexander McQueen's amazing creations. The music and sets were dark and lushly decorated and you can really get up close to see just how amazing his pieces are. I loved the little clip on button that you get to gain entrance into the exhibit (see above).

- Miss Van show at Jonathan Levine Gallery
Before heading to the airport, we made a quick jaunt over to see Miss Van's show to check out her latest offering, Bailarinas. I wanted bunny masks and cropped capes after seeing her amazing artwork.

Brunch Drunk BoysAaron demonstrating Body Bags
- Brunch at Il Bastardo, followed by a tipsy tour of the city
This day was a little bit of a blur...not gonna lie.

My true love, Harumphrey
Additional favs of the trip: the unstoppable draw of, how you can accidentally walk 4 miles by just going about your day, the new Gaga complementing the strolls, falling asleep whilst girl-talking with Aaron, getting to know all of Aaron's good friends, Harumphry (as picture above),, and the best part...

Spending 6 glorious birthday filled days with my best friend since Freshman year of high school!!


  1. All the food looks so good, I absolutely adore NYC, I wish I could visit more often. You look like you had a fabulous time. I'm especially curious about these delish cookies. It has been said many times before but I love your hair color.

  2. Hooray!!!! So happy you were there for his big day! Hope you snapped some outfit pics, I want to see more! I miss you tons and oodles!!!!!

  3. looks like you had so much fun! woo your pictures look great and mmmmmmmmmmmmm that fooooddddddd gave me goose bumps :P