Friday, May 27, 2011


- Photos from last weekend's Body Positive Beach Meet Up
It was amazing to see and meet these women...especially Jessica who gave us a lil' tour of downtown San Diego. Also: I apologize to all the ladies that had to deal with Aaron and my smart-ass mouths =)

- The upcoming Muppet Movie
Miss Piggy is a plus size fashion editor for Vogue Paris AND it's Jason Segel? GREATEST MOVIE EVER.

- Frankie Sin's Burlesque Debut
I could not be prouder of my wife! Her first performance of burlesque was amazing, adorable and she looked totally amazing!! Also: prepping for it by deliriously walking around Michael's holding things up to our bosoms was one of the funnest outings we've ever had.

- Blade Runner Polaroids
An amazing glimpse into Blade Runner, via Sean Young's odd website

- Gilt's Lady Gaga themed shoot...behind the scenes
Pierced gents in frocks...spikey glasses...amazing. Her new album has fueled my work week.

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  1. Ok 1. We are SO going to the midnight premier of The Muppet Movie, juice box wine in tow!!! 2. Want to see lots more of you delicious dolls and your beachy day. and 3. We should forever wander through stores putting random objects up to our bosoms, it was truly a magical day!

    Love you ladykins!