Monday, April 18, 2011

Alt Girl Week...Round 2!

Just under a year ago, I created style profiles for a week solid calling them my "Alt Girls". I think Chubble Bubble is due for another round of fabulous everyday this week, a new outfit + girl description will pop up. The world of alternative fashion is desperately in need of more manufacturers, but with a little creative styling, a fabulous and glamorous look can be achieved.

To get the outfit details of each post, click on the image to be taken to the details on Polyvore.

Points of Style: Velvet, Dark Jewel Tones, Babydoll Silhouettes, Crochet Tights, Vintage Handbags
Music: Amanda Palmer, The Cure, The XX, Diamanda Galas, Blutengel, Voltaire


  1. I love it all! Do want!


  2. Happy to see Alt Girl Week back, the outfits are so gorgeous and spot on! ♥