Friday, March 4, 2011


This week's Linklettes is VERY video heavy but for good much deliciousness. Also: I'm always interested in new and interesting things for this feature so if you have a blog, a store, or some other creative endeavour you think needs to be a linklette, send us an email at chubblebubble (at) gmail dot com.

Tarina Tarantino's Tilt-A-Whirl Collection
Cotton Candy Colors, her classic jewelry shapes, and carnival themes...there's nothing NOT to love!

Lady Gaga's Born This Way Video
My favorite elements are: the butch, pink-ponied Skelly-gaga - the sci-fi mother queen - HER PAMELA LOVE EARRINGS - probably more things, but it's SUCH a whirlwind that I need more time to process =)

An AMAZING Portrait of Bea Sweet by Benedict Campbell (via Coilhouse)

Lane Bryant's Fashion Show Sneak Preview
This, in a nutshell: Ashley Graham in lots of lingerie...including a Gaga-esque studded bra/panty and a studded moto jacket. Also: candy-dyed poodles!! Well done, LB!

Lady Gaga walks for Mugler

Queen Latifah as Ursula by Annie Leibovitz

Deerhoof's "Super Duper Rescue Heads!" Video
So incredibly cute and I want to scream "ME TO THE RESCUE!!"

Trashy Diva introduces vintage-style dresses up to size 24

∆AIMON - EXU REI from ∆AIMON on Vimeo.

∆AIMON's new video for EXU REI
∆AIMON are not only amazing muscians, but I have the pleasure of calling them friends. Their album AMEN is available on iTunes and is a MUST HAVE.

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