Saturday, February 26, 2011

House of Herses Photoshoot

When my girl and make up vixen Natasha needed more Drag examples for her portfolio for a job interview, we rallied the troops and banged out a full on beauty shoot in just 2 days. Dubbed the "House of Herses", inspired by both Paris is Burning and Ru Paul's Drag Race (small hint: the interview was for one of his shows =)), Greg, Frankie and I modeled our own garb and got beautified by Ms Natasha. We were super lucky to have Freezerburrn photography capturing the images...he is AAAAAAMAZING!! Frankie did much of the styling and the garments were a mix of our wardrobes. I will try and identify most of them for you, my chubblettes! Now...onto the photos!!

House of Herses Photoshoot: Me
Model: Tracy (that's ME!)
Hair Scarf: Vintage
Dress: Beth Ditto for Evans
Flowers: Amber Ray Designs
Necklace: Downtown LA

House of Herses Photoshoot: Frankie Sin
Model: Frankie Sin
Hat, Gloves, and Bathing Suit: Vintage
Flower: H & M (I might be wrong on this one...)

House of Herses Photoshoot: Greg
Model: Greg
Jewelry + Belt (worn as a headband): Vintage

House of Herses Photoshoot: Greg
Model: Greg
Eternity Scarf: Hot Topic
Gloves: Michael Kors
Spike Bracelet: Metropark
Rhinestone Cuff: Downtown LA
Necklace (Black Spiked): Domino Dollhouse
Necklace (gunmetal mirrors): Forever 21

The best part of this, besides the gorgeous photos, is...SHE GOT THE JOB! Check out some more shots on my Flickr.


  1. I absolutely adore everything about this, especially the makeup! And you look all look stunning as usual! <3 xxx

  2. Thank you, Milly!!! That's so sweet...your blog is amazing and you are FREAKIN' adorable!!!

  3. So awesome and beautiful! Congrats to your friend for booking the job and for being so talented!

  4. Thanks, Stiletto! We are so so excited for her...she deserves EVERY second of it.

  5. I love these... beautiful people and beautiful photos! And congrats to your friend! That's so awesome for her!

  6. This make-up is so stunning, just like I think black hair looks great on you!
    The other pictures are amaizing, too.

  7. Oh wow - these photos are all amazing. You are all incredibly beautiful!

  8. Thanks, MummyFreckle! I really have some hot friends =)