Friday, December 31, 2010

Top 10 OOTDs of 2011

Okay, I just viewed Musings of a Fatshionista's and Fat Shopaholic's Best of OOTD compilations, and frankly: I was curious to see what I'd worn this year. Consensus? More black than a funeral with hair that would make Rainbow Brite green with envy. It was also nice to see how the blog has picture taking/selection has gotten better, as well as styling myself! From oldest to newest, here's the top 10 of 2011.

OOTD 2/13/10OOTD: Strappy BraOOTD: Rehearsage

OOTD: Bananas
New Hair Inspiration
OOTD: Face by Natasha
OOTD: Cyba
OOTD: Strappy Bra
OOTD: Shredder
OOTD: Hubby's Birthday
OOTD: Bachelorette Party Attire
OOTD: Rehearsal Dinner
OOTD: Dance.


  1. I hope that doesn't sound strange, but when I see your outfits, I feel inspired to definitely show some more boobs next year :D

  2. Hahahaha, yay! Show off some tatas, mama!

  3. Coloured hair suits you! You radiate in them!

  4. I like the Shredder OOTD the best - and the eye makeup is really striking!

    I think I like your latest hair color the best - the dark pink looks the most natural(?) with your complexion. But the other colors suit you as well, so experiment away!