Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mid-Year Goals

We are approaching the 6th month of 2010 and I really want to focus on making this last half of the 2010 productive, entertaining and utterly wonderful. Here is a list of goals that I would like to accomplish by the end of this year.

* Own a home - we have been hoping for this for some time and we are actively trying to work towards this by the time our lease ends (October). After our wedding gifts last year and a nice check from Uncle Sam this year: we finally have a down payment. If all goes well, we'll be pre-approved and looking at homes soon. YAY!

* Launch my new project - I'm actively working on a chubby-centric project and I definitely want it viewable to the public before 2011.

* Thin out my wardrobe - I have more clothes than any person should own. I really do. In our two bedroom apartment, any available storage is probably filled with clothing, accessories, or shoes. Now, this might make more sense if they were all in use, but for the most part: they aren't. Expect eBay listings, as I don't want these pieces to not have a home! (there are the current items listed here.)

* Fixin' that hair - I want to try and keep my hair the same color + improve it's general health. This is TOUGH for me. So the yellow is here to stay!

And so this isn't just text, here are 2 quick look photobooth snaps from the past weekend!

Quick Look Snaps


  1. I love the color of our hair... and I think all those goals are obstainable (except the clothes one... I can never trim my closet no matter how hard I try).

  2. As usual, a great and inspiring post. I am about to do some mid year summer cleaning myself. Out with the old and in with the new.

  3. Thanks, ladies! Yes Queen: I will be the most difficult for me to tackle, too!! Philly: awesome! Good luck with your mid year life scrub <3