Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Just because the world can't see 'em, doesn't mean they should be nasty. For real, ladies. I, myself, am such a fan of wearable items, that I squeal when movies have 3D glasses (yay! mas accessories!), so it's no shocker that my unmentionables are worth mentioning.
As per usual in the land of Chubble Bubble, this isn't always the easiest feat. I've got a big ol' cup size and it usually lands me in the boring world of neutral bras. Black is the spiciest that I had for YEARS! Now, places like Torrid and Lane Bryant not only expanded their cup range, but decided that they are ALLOWED to be cute! HURRAY!
I've selected some of my favorite from the current Torrid range that are super playful and comfy. These are sassy everyday pieces, perfect for casual wear but fun enough that you won't be bored to tears getting dressed. I mean....can you REALLY have a terrible day whilst wearing pink godzilla briefs??

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