Wednesday, February 1, 2017


It is no secret that shopping/browsing is my favorite pastime.  My degree is in fashion merchandising, I scoured the globe for Domino Dollhouse (in addition to designing, of course), and now I obsessively Pinterest my personal finds.  So often when I'm window shopping, I see amazing pieces that fit my aesthetic, but not my life.  I am a mom in warm Southern California…so much clothing just doesn't work under that combination.  Throw in that I'm 5'9" with unusual proportions and I don't always save everything stellar to my Pinterest wish list.  So I had a thought: why not include a board of all of the amazing pieces that fit the overall BRXTRMN vibe, but would otherwise not be added to my wish list? Thus, the BRXTRMN.STYLE board was born.  I will add to it every week, all the freshest plus size pieces expertly curated for my readers.  Make sure to follow on Pinterest, but I will also include a link on the side of this blog in case you forget!

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