Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Dark Side Sith

My little ones were characters from the Force Awakens, so I dug not so deeply into my closet and pulled together a Sith look for Halloween night.  You can see the girls' costume over at my kids style blog, the Witching Hour!

Outfit Details:
Hooded Maxi Sweater - Aakasha
Sheer Dress - Torrid (older style)
Strappy Bra - Torrid
Leather Harness - Deandri
Maxi Skirt - SWAK
Leather Gloves - eBay
Strappy Gloves - Illig (old style…maybe 13 years old??)
Shoes - New Rock
Light Saber - Amazon

Happy Halloween! I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe time <3 p="">

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