Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Snagged. Skingraft Designs

I think Skingraft is my current favorite street wear designer.  It's an small brand that creates incredibly cool pieces...definitely a chic, grown up goth look.  My husband even wore a shirt/harness combo of theirs when we got married.  Every season, I look at their collections and weep into my keyboard at the largest size being large (sometimes XL).  So they get Snagged next...here are my plus size dupes (thanks Margot Meanie for that!) Skingraft.

So, in doing by 2nd round of Snagged, I've noticed a HUGE problem with plus size fashion: the styling.  Because we have just a few juggernauts to choose from, they focus on the "trendy", thus appealing to the largest markets.  So even though, as you can see above, we DO have some incredibly cool pieces, it's so hard to see past the watered down styling our brands use.  So I'm going to include some accessories at the end of Snagged to truly get the vibe down.  

A Harness - This is a quintessential Skingraft item.  My husband wore one at our wedding and I think I may have worn it more than he has since.  You can fit your phone, cards, money, keys, lipstick and be assured they are secure.  I love this harness on the left because it's low pockets would make everything so accessible. Sizing is truly very free and fits on my size 26, 5'9" frame.

A Great Hat - A killer hat really takes an outfit to a whole new level of cool.  I'm partial to the witch-y brimmed hats, so this Killstar one is my #1 choice.

Throw on a great pair of boots and some silver necklaces and your set.  As always, if you have a store you think we should snag...leave it in the comments!

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  1. YEEESSSS! I get a lot of requests on where to buy alt stuff and I always say it's out there in the regular stores, you just have to look at it with your alt lens, but I know that people struggle with styling or envisioning as well.

    Including the right accessories to achieve a look is so important and also pure fun, because, YAY, accessories are for pretty much everyone!