Saturday, August 23, 2014

Army of Me

This past week I turned 33 years old and the fam went out to a casual dinner during the week. I wanted to take my top out for a spin, as it was a present from my husband.  I also haven't worn fitted jean/pants in FOREVER so it still feels strange to see, but I love these waxy stretch denim styles and am happy to find a pair that works.  Remy wasn't used to the lipstick and kept trying to grab it!  Luckily, the Hourglass lipstick in Icon didn't budge.  Onto the pics/deets!

Top: Navabi
Waxy Black Denim Jeans: Simply Be
Hair Stick: Etsy

Here are some images of my delicious birthday dinner from Slater's 50/50.  Drink is a Dark 'N Stormy, Veggie burger with onion rings and garlic cheese dip, and a coconut cookie ice cream extravaganza.  It was awesome to have a little one to celebrate with and I cannot wait until she can have some cake with me.


  1. Met a gal at the nail salon yesterday who was wearing an ASOS top (I asked her), so I proceeded to ask her if she ever bought clothes from Domino Dollhouse. After my sales pitch, I made sure she had the website. Always pushing for DD.

  2. This lip color is perfection! Happy Belated, the food looks nummy.