Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Review: Fatphrocks Wingz

Wingz Review
A few weeks ago, Fatphrocks approached me about reviewing some of their Wingz, a shrug product that can be worn over or under your garments to add a easy sleeve. I opted for the Black Cowl Sleeve Wingz, as they would mix well with most of my wardrobe.

I love the cute and versatility of these wingz...I prefer to use them over sheer blouses, as seen in my photo, but underneath would be a great way to extend your wardrobe into winter. They are incredibly comfy and have just the right amount of volume in the sleeve. My only complaint is that the fabric is a little cheap for my tastes...but only a little bit. Also: considering they run only 14.99 GBP, they are extremely affordable. I got these in a Size 2 (I'm a 24/26) and I could have fit into the Size 1 for a snugger sleeve with no problem. I highly recommend them as a wonderful way to add versatility to your wardrobe!!

Wingz Review

And just to square away this post, here are the outfit details from the look!
Wingz - Fatphrocks
Bra - Lane Bryant
Sheer Dress - Cheap Monday
Headband - Forever 21
Rings - Forever 21, Estate Sale, Urban Outfitters, and Torrid


  1. You rock the sheer look. I love it. The wingz are pretty cool too. Seriously plus size girls in sheer is like... I dunno, it makes my brain buzz. May blog about it soon if it gets warm enough to wear sheer here in UK. xxx

  2. Thanks, ladies! Sian - it's getting to the point where my sheer options outweigh my opaque ones!

  3. The sheer does totally rock, and you look amazing in it! :)