Friday, April 1, 2011


Videos, links, pics, OH MY!

The Barbie Fantasy Suite at the Palms
- How did I not know if its existence??? It looks like the Jonathan Adler Malibu Beach House (makes sense as he did this suite, as well), but I realllllllly want to stay here =). I learned of it from these wedding photos on Shrinkle's blog...why didn't I THINK OF THAT??

"SKINS" Open Mic: Kim Selling from Champ Ensminger on Vimeo.

- Kim Selling at Open Mic Night
I thought I recognized her name and after review my shop's twitter: She was totally one of my first customers. AAAAMAZING woman.

Closet Confections
- My wife is adorable! These lil' ruffle shorties are so adorable and she really knows how to mix it up!

Katy Perry's ET Video
- Surprising to some, I was actually a big fan of this song (thanks, Robin!)...until they added Kayne. I truly preferred it without his unnecessary rapping. But, give me alien women, albino naked men, and sci-fi landscapes and I'm bound to be a happy camper.

- Jessica's, aka Tangled Up in Lace, Goldfish Time Post
I love, love, love this woman.

- Style Bubble's House of Hackney Post
Fashion and Interior Decorating...together forever.

Innerpartysystem - American Trash