Saturday, December 4, 2010

Winter Fashion Inspirations

A week and a half ago, Frankie and I attended Le Serpent Rouge's performance in LA. If you are unfamiliar I suggest you watch this beautifulness.

Ever since, my head has been swimming with inspiration ideas for the new season. Add in the fact that we have been indulging in HBO's Boardwalk Empire and I've caught the 20's style tribal fever. This opulent and outlandish performance garb can be easily translated to every day wear...and I can't wait to explore it. I've put together some inspiration boards below.

Color Scheme: Grey, Dark Magenta, Brass, Silver, Deep Green, Olive Green

Fashions: Layering, Vests, Fringe, Beading, Headbands, Long Skirts, Belts, Hoop Earrings, Lace, Velvet, Accessories in Natural Materials (bone, leather, wood),
Beauty: Virgin Rose Hair Dye, Kohl Eye Liner, Dark Finger Nails, Dark Vampy Lipstick

Visual Inspiration Dames
Zoe JakesZoe Jakes
Zoe Jakes

Rachel Brice
Rachel Brice

So beautiful.
Other Gorgeous Ladies

Frankie snapped a shot of me after wards amoungest some LA greenery

After Le Serpent Rouge

What are your inspirations this winter?


  1. My Gawd, that looked like fun! And very interesting get up compared to wearing black all the time! I like it! ^_^

    I don't have HBO, but I gotta try to see if Hulu has it, or something! ^_^

  2. Love this
    I'm really into plums and grays with muted gold jewelry with beaten up doc martens. But I refuse to suppress my girl grunge style icons of both Enid Coleslaw and Courtney Love. Layering slips for dressy occasions and authentic vintage t-shirts for everyday are my staples. Really loving the color of your hair ! And on a girlcrush note, your cleavage looks awesome !!

  3. Rae - THANKS! Yes, it's nice to have a break from black, but I do love it.

    Gorgeous! Your style sounds you have pics of your outfits anywhere? And THANKS...the cleavage is courtesy of genetics and Evans' bras...they are AHHHHMAZING.