Wednesday, November 10, 2010

OOTD: Halloween

Somewhere between moving and our 1 year anniversary, my husband and I managed to pull together a joint Halloween Costume. Oh yes...hello 90's nostalgia! We were the kings of partying: Wayne and Garth. All night, people screamed "Party on!" at was very encouraging. Thanks to Frankie, or my wife as I like to call her, we have picture proof. Here are some snaps from the evening!



Frankie and Carlos look AMAZING! (Remember that corset? It's from the Valentine's collection I designed awhile back)

Our friend, the GORGEOUS Asia DeVinyl was hosting and it was so awesome to see her. I wish I could show her full costume! Bustle, glitter, feather, OH MY!

Costume Specs:
Plaid Top + Jeans - Torrid
T-Shirt + Chucks - Hot Topic
Glasses - Claire's
Wig - Party City
Watch - Big Lots


  1. ZOMG !!!!! Your costume is ace !!!!!! So funny !!!


  2. Awesome costume. Your husband looks JUST like wayne (or whatever his real name is). Looks like you had a good time, I wish I had some halloween parties to go to. Boo Hoo! But you looked awesome anyway.

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  3. That has got to be one of the best couples costume I've seen! PARTY ON!

  4. I fking LOVE the wayne's world costume... coincidentally, this morning I kept saying to myself, "wayne's world, party time, excellent..." so this pretty much made me burst out in riotous laughter. Good job!!