Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Versatile Corsets Candy Garden Collection

Candy Garden Collection from Versatile CorsetsCandy Garden Collection from Versatile Corsets
Candy Garden Collection at Versatile CorsetsCandy Garden Collection from Versatile CorsetsCandy Garden Collection at Versatile Corsets
Photography by Michelle X Star
Models Natasha and Frankie Sin

I had the pleasure of designing, developing, and styling the new collection for my FABULOUS job at Versatile Corsets. For summer, we had wanted to incorporate natural elements, such as cherries and flowers, but without the "grandma's couch" look of a lot of floral corsets. Enter: these fabulous, acid-toned gems! I picked 3 styles that work on a slew of body shapes and they are available pretty much in any size (we have patterns up to 38" corset, but can always custom make for larger sizes). Corsets are sized by "restricted waist" measurement, so we recommend selected 4-6" smaller for you size (eg: You have a 40" waist, select a 34" or 36"). If you have ANY questions about sizing, pricing, etc, feel free to message through the site OR leave a comment.


  1. OMG that first picture made me drool. I want her flower, the corset, the necklace!!!! Beautiful! What is the price of a corset? Do I have to send my measurements if I want to get one made, or how does it work?

  2. Thanks! The corsets are $360-$500, depending on size and style. It's best to take measurements and email them to us so we can determine if you are a pre-patterned size or if you are a custom size.

    The necklaces are ALSO for sale at and are between $40-95...they come in a huge variety of colors, too!

    The flower is from my personal collection and I purchased it from - she makes AMAZING flower hair pieces!!

  3. Brilliant work darling! The prints and styles are so yummy! Your styling work is phenomenal!


  4. Thank you SO much! I'm so so proud of these!

  5. Wow, these are incredible. My favorite is the green one with the little ruffles at the hips. Love!

  6. wow, I love them. I love the bright colours. These are the coolest corsets I've ever seen.

  7. Awww, SO SWEET! Thanks, doll!

  8. OOO I love the corsets, amazing work, the colours and prints are beautiful!