Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Swoonage: Boutique Larrieux

Boutique Larrieux is a brick and mortar store-turned-promising online boutique. With a carefully chosen list of higher-end designers, which includes some gorgeous belts made by a fellow fatshion blogger, I think this site is one to watch. Click the images to go directly to the product's information.



  1. Thanks for the posting!! New styles will be uploaded in the next week or so, we just had a photoshoot yesterday. Fab looks on the way!

  2. Very cute! Not sure but a friend & fellow blogger who is a plus size model did the shoot for boutique larrieux. you should check out her blog.

  3. heyyyyyyy Veronica shouted me out! YAY! I heart boutique larriuex, I know the owner...the stuff in there is way cute and I'd definitely be broke if I lived closer to Milwaukee!